Epics of the Mountainhome

Photo #842: MountainhomeLocation Taken: Banff National Park, Alberta
Time Taken: June 2010

I have been listening to a single song, over and over and over again, for hours. It’s Diggy Diggy Hole. Quite a marvelous song, don’t you think? Just the sort of thing to make you want to grab a pick and build a kingdom under a mountain.

It’s made by some of the most famous Minecraft Youtube stars, the Yogscast. If you have any interest in Let’s Play videos, or for that matter watching amusing people doing amazing things. They started out fairly simple, just trying to survive the night and have learned and played through many many long adventures. Like going to the moon.

There’s a song about that one as well, by the way.

Diggy Diggy Hole, though, started as a random comment in one of their earlier videos that became an icon for one of the players (who is a dwarf). They made a rougher version, really just a remix of that original comment, years ago. And now, they’ve expanded it into a marvelous tale of dwarven heroism.

Which is making me want to play a game. Not Minecraft, mind you, that’s too obvious. No, the new Diggy Diggy Hole reminds me of Dwarf Fortress, that classic ascii dwarf simulator. I have spent many an hour ordering dwarves to dig holes deep in the ground, fight goblins, drink plump helmet brew, die horribly and/or accidentally…

Oh look, the developer for that has just released a new version! It’s been two years! Sweet, now the whole world’s relationships are fully simulated, and your dwarves can climb trees! If you’ll excuse me, I have something to download. Let’s see if my fortress can last a full year before everyone dies horribly!


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