About This Blog

Congratulations, you have found the About page!  Let me tell you some about this odd blog you’ve found yourself at!

This is a daily art blog, where I put up some of my art and some thoughts about said art, or whatever said art triggers in my brain.

I post different things on different days of the week:

Monday: Random
This is where I just post whatever I feel like, from video games to rants to giant squid.  It gives me an outlet for talking about things unrelated to my photos or more formal artwork, though I will put some form of image up with this as well.

Tuesday: Landscapes
This day’s devoted to things far away.  It’s the mountains, the lakes, the cityscapes, all the things that use the longer focus lengths.

Wednesday: Mid-Range
Here’s the things in between.  People, buildings, rocks, all things in the middle ground that we spend so much time looking at.

Thursday: Close-up
The close, the tiny, the easily-overlooked.  These are the things that require you to bend over to look at them closely.  These photos will have a small focal length, with a blurry background, and will have a rather high chance of being flowers.

Friday: Almost
Sometimes I line up the perfect shot, take it, and only later discover that my focus was slightly off, or the lighting didn’t quite work.  Here’s where I put these pieces, and talk about why they didn’t work.

Saturday: Best
My best photographs, as chosen by the completely unbiased committee of me, myself and I.  They’re the pieces that stick in my brain after I look through them, saying “This one, this one worked.”

Sunday: Artwork
I’m not just a photographer.  Photography’s more what I do on the side.  This day’s devoted to all the other artistic creations I make.  I don’t have enough Artwork to post this every week, so I put up Landscape Photos every other week.


As for who I am, I am Sharayah Schram, an introverted, intelligent, social phobic, and generally weird artist.  I enjoy creating a wide range of art, from photos to paintings to braiding, and I’m using this blog as a way to share it with the world.  I’ve also got a tendency to think a lot, and I do a whole heck of a lot of reading, so I include my own thoughts about the art below it, usually segueing into science or geography or other odd facts.

I talk about my life a lot in my posts (since that is, by definition, what I know) so you can find out a lot more about me just by reading through my posts.  I suggest you start at the beginning.

As for the name, it comes from the phrase “living under a rock”, which refers to people who are so out of touch with society that they might as well be hermits living in a cave. I tend to live under a rock, though I do keep tabs on that strange outside world. My tastes are nowhere near mainstream, and I spend most of my time doing things by myself. I’m also quite fond of Geology, so a rock-themed name made sense. And it’s Rockart rather than just Rock because, for one thing, I’m talking about art, and for another, I like art painted on rock, which I think of as rockart. Gotta love how the English language allows you to cram two words together to make a new one that people still understand.

And if you want to use this art elsewhere, please remember that it belongs to me.  I’m only posting art that I created here.  I’d really prefer if you ask permission first.  And don’t sell it.

Oh, and if for whatever reason you wish to contact me, I have a gmail account under the name underarockart.  I’m not putting the all-together version here, since I don’t want spam.  You’re smart, though, you can figure it out.  Just a warning: I’ll probably take a bit to get back to you.  There’s a better-than-average chance my social phobia will make me hide under a bed from any email, and given my bed, it’ll take me a while to get back out from under it.