Some Days you’re just Running on Empty

Photo #845: Empty TableLocation Taken: Skihist Provincial Park, British Columbia
Time Taken: June 2010

Alas, I am not returning from my hiatus with this post, I am merely making it official.

Quick explanation: the combination of summer heat, depression (caused by said heat), and lack of topics I wish to write on has caused me to stop writing. Technically, I could have continued putting up fluff posts and “I dunno what to write” posts, but I’ve written enough of those already, and don’t want to get burned out on blog writing entirely.

So, I’m taking a vacation from this. I’ll be back once the weather cools down into the 60’s on average, which, given the predictable climate here, should be the middle of next month. By then, I’ll no longer be plagued by heat issues, and hopefully I’ll find some more topics along the way.


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