I’m Feeling a Little Batty Today….

Photo #310: Shawn FanartTime Drawn: October 2008

A few years ago, my sister had a webcomic called New Moon Rising. It’s dead now, but it’s still online if you want to read it. She’s a pretty good story teller, so it’s worth at least a look. I think she had to stop it due to the added workload of graduate school, and these days she just does straight writing rather than comics.

Still, at one point she needed Guest Art to fill in a gap where she knew she wouldn’t be able to update. I don’t fully remember why, but given that I drew it only a couple months after she started grad school, I have my guesses.

This is one of her characters from the comic, Shawn. He’s got healing magic, and the story is set in a cave, so showing him healing a bat made sense.

Besides, I like bats. They’re cute little flying fluffballs. I love it when I hear them flying around. There’s a few that live down by the river by my house and come up to the areas in town that are lit up at night to eat the bugs the light attracts. I have to be out walking at night to encounter them, but it’s still awesome every time I do.


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