Theoretically, Vacations are Memorable Purely Because You Never Do that Stuff.

Photo #838: Theoretical FallsLocation Taken: Multnomah Falls, Oregon
Time Taken: June 2008

Has it really been more than six years since I took this photo? Doesn’t seem like it…

Ah well, it’s probably just the standard time sense adjusting that comes as you age. I think the current top theory is that you keep comparing time spans to the total number of years you’ve lived and well, the longer you live, the smaller the percentage a specific time span is. Which is why a summer is forever and a half when you’re eight but a blink-and-you-miss-it when you’re eighty.

Suppose I should try to get used to it. Or do more unique things. That always helps. The other main theory for this time thing is that your memory trims out near-duplicate memories in order to save space, exactly the way a zip file compresses data. Adult life is full of routines, and often one week is very similar to the last. The more unusual things you do, the tougher it is to compress down the data. When you’re younger, of course, far more experiences are new and interesting to you, so it makes sense it looms larger in your memory. Mind you, not being able to compress memories can lead to you being overwhelmed, but still, go out and do unusual things!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m staying in and doing what I always do.


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